Instigation helps people and organisations create and develop innovative ideas which align with their sustainable core values.

Value-creating enterprises are brought forth through Instigation’s facilitative practices rooted in transformative dialogue and design thinking. Basically we help you get where you want to be, without compromising what you stand for to do so.

Instigation uses interactive conversation and credible associations to catalyse sustainable solutions for international businesses, not-for-profits, local governments and communities in the face of social issues, daunting challenges and navigating the “unknown”.

Instigation can help you or your organisation:

  1. -Discover untapped revenue streams based on organisational values;

  2. -Leverage unorthodox partnerships based on shared values;

  3. -Infuse creativity into challenging situations;

  4. -Create products and services reflective of your end-users needs;

  5. -Unify employee and organisational purposes;

  6. -Experiment with fast and measurable prototypes;

  7. -Discover and create unrealised opportunities;

  8. -Define new directions for your organisation based on your brand identity.